Thursday, August 5, 2010

New York Yankees - Will Alex Rodriguez Baseball Cards Remain of Value after the Steroid Scandal?

His confession in February 2009 that he has used steroids during 2001 to 2003 has stained the once exceptional professional character of New York Yankees star player Alex Rodriguez. Previously broadly seen as among the top players in professional baseball, the Dominican-American athlete has perceived his status fall.

This is an indignity ever since at the young age of 33, A-Rod is already being build up as among the all time best all-around players.

A-Rod's fading fame on the baseball arena is sadly contested by instability in his private life. In July of 2007, his spouse Cynthia filed for annulment in the midst of rumors that Rodriguez was having an affair with pop singer Madonna.

These personal and professional turmoils presage bad news for baseball card collectors as prices A-Rod’s cards and other memorabilia are falling.

Likewise, the autographed-signed Alex Rodriguez or A-Rod baseball cards no longer demand or dominate the old-time high prices, as parents are doubtful to dispense hundreds of dollars for A-Rod memorabilia for their teenagers, while a number of souvenir shops will no longer carry sponsored products highlighting identified or self-confessed steroid users. Adding to the downfall of these collectibles' prices is the anticipation of sports fans that NY Yankees' A-Rod will not probably make it to the Baseball Hall of Fame.

But do not give up on you’re a-Rod baseball cards yet. His recent come back to the game after his hip surgery was noticed by an exceptional that many has forecast he will end up in the 2009 season with more than 50 home runs and 125 RBIs. He may yet to redeem himself, and if he does, observe for the value of his collectibles to increase again.

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